The Author


S. A. Rodgers delves into darker themes and often cruel worlds of your next fantasy romance. Without fail, each story by S. A. Rodgers will feature a whirlwind romance full of love, loss, spice, a love interest with an edge, and strong female leads.


MDW Press attributes Shauntel as the author of each pen name published through our imprint. She is a Michigan native raised in Detroit. Her first love was writing and telling stories that put smiles on the faces of others, but her obsession with reading came soon after. Authors like Richelle Mead and Veronica Roth are responsible for lighting the spark in Shauntel that developed her into the writer she is today. When she's not writing or reading fantasy romance, you can find Shauntel painting, being schooled in a classic game of chess, soaking in women's basketball, or enjoying sitcoms with her husband.